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Using Candidate.ID to Recruit In-Demand Marketing Talent

28.07.22 | News

Candidate.ID is the world’s first marketing automation technology for talent acquisition. It offers the unique ability to track candidate engagement across your entire company digital footprint. With 3.8 sextillion marketing workflows, Candidate.ID is the only talent acquisition technology that will automate your messaging, personalised and at scale.   

Keep reading to find out how our customer used Candidate.ID to transform its talent acquisition strategy, hiring in-demand marketing talent.    

About our customer 

As a leading international services company, our customer protects people from pest-borne diseases and the risks of poor hygiene. Its mission is to enhance lives with services that protect the health and wellbeing of people, and the reputation of customers’ brands.  

The challenges 

With marketing skills currently in demand, companies across the globe are facing challenges in finding, recruiting and retaining top marketing talent. Our customer is no exception, with over forty marketing vacancies to fill. Our customer is embracing marketing automation in its talent acquisition strategy, using Candidate.ID to increase employer brand awareness within the marketing sector, and recruit marketing talent for hard-to-fill roles. 

The objectives  

Candidate.ID offers our customer the ability to truly nurture its candidates at scale. By using Candidate.ID’s campaign builder with 3.8 sextillion marketing workflows, our customer can personalise its communications based on how candidates interact and engage.   

  • Build diverse pipelines of in-demand marketing talent, with up-to-date candidate data.  
  • Nurture candidates throughout the recruitment journey with a series of personalised meaningful content.  
  • Double the number of hires per recruiter for hard-to-fill roles.  

Ryan McFeeley, Customer Success Manager- 

“The first campaign with any customer is always exciting, and this one is no exception. This customer has been finding it challenging to fill vacancies within their marketing team and I am sure that marketing automation will help solve their recruitment challenges.  

“By nurturing an engaged pipeline of marketing talent using Candidate.ID, our customer is sure of success.”  

Book a one-on-one session now to find out how you can build engaged pipelines of in-demand talent with marketing automation. We are always happy to chat about all things marketing automation.  

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