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Using Change Transformation to Drive Diversity Hiring

25.03.22 | News

About the campaign

Recently, Candidate.ID started working with a leading UK university (who wish to remain anonymous). This university has one ambition – to give anyone, anywhere the power to learn. It has pioneered distance learning for over 50 years, delivering first-class teaching and outstanding support to students across the UK and the world. Having helped over 2 million students realise their ambitions, this university makes learning accessible to all. 

In recent years, the university has made it their key priority to drive diversity hiring across all university positions. In doing this, they have embraced a shift in their entire talent acquisition model, moving from traditional methods of recruitment to more progressive and advanced means of engaging and communicating with their candidates.

How is the university using Candidate.ID?

Taking a transformative approach, the university has embraced marketing automation technology to underpin their diversified model for talent acquisition. They are using Candidate.ID to create engaged pipelines of candidates from diverse backgrounds, such as BAME individuals, candidates with both neurodiverse and physical disabilities and women in STEM. Additionally, the university is using Candidate.ID’s marketing automation technology to recruit candidates anonymously, proving to be successful in encouraging talent from diverse backgrounds. 

The results 

Using Candidate.ID, the university has achieved 99% direct hiring this past year with only 6 agency hires overall. Simultaneously, they have achieved a 35% increase in BAME appointments year on year from 20% to 27%, and 65% of its workforce is female. Using marketing automation, our customer has transformed their talent acquisition strategy, driving recruitment activities whilst encouraging diverse applicants across the university. Our customer is using the power of automation to drive change transformation across the organisation.

Ryan McFeeley, Customer Success Manager- 

“This diversity campaign is a project I feel privileged to work on. It’s amazing to be partnering with an organisation that truly values inclusion in the workplace, making it a priority in their talent acquisition strategy. 

“The results so far have been unbelievable, transforming the way in which they recruit. I cannot wait to see what the future has in hold for my customer and Candidate.ID”

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