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Using Candidate.ID to Transform Adevinta’s Recruitment Events Strategy 

19.08.22 | News

Candidate.ID has been working with Adevinta, a global classifieds specialist with online marketplaces in 15 countries. In its most recent campaign, Adevinta plans on using Candidate.ID to track candidate engagement throughout its recruitment events strategy.  

Candidate.ID is the world’s first marketing automation technology for talent acquisition offering Adevinta the ability to automate and track candidate nurture at scale.  

Keep reading to find out how Adevinta is using Candidate.ID to transform its recruitment events strategy.  

How Adevinta is using recruitment marketing automation 

Over the past year, Adevinta has been using Candidate.ID to nurture its pipeline of in-demand talent. In its most recent campaign, Adevinta plans to use this nurtured pipeline of candidates to drive event signups within its recruitment events strategy.   

Best in-class example of marketing automation for recruitment events 

A recruitment events nurture campaign works as a process of inviting and engaging candidates prior to the event. Candidates are sent an email to sign up for the event. If the email is opened and the event form is filled, candidates are moved into a separate pipeline adding them into an automated nurture campaign, building anticipation in the lead up to the event. Alternatively, if a candidate opens the email but doesn’t sign up for the event, they are sent a reminder to register. Additionally, the candidates who attend the event are tagged and sent an email thanking them for attending and asking for feedback.  

This process not only encourages event signups, but it allows Adevinta to know exactly which candidates are interested and are attending the event.  

The benefit of using marketing automation for recruitment events 

Candidate.ID has one true benefit over any other recruitment technology – tracking and scoring. This is the ultimate benefit of using Candidate.ID within Adevinta’s recruitment events strategy. Using Candidate.ID, Adevinta can track candidates throughout the recruitment journey letting them know which candidates are interested in attending the event. With tracking and scoring, you can hyper personalise candidates based on how they have interacted in the past. By using Candidate.ID, Adevinta is able to set up a personalised nurture campaign encouraging event signups and ultimately faster hires.  

Priya Wilson, Customer Success Manager-  

“Candidate. ID’s tracking functionality is exactly what Adevinta needs to help transform its recruitment events strategy. By implementing marketing automation to promote recruitment events Adevinta is sure of success. This is just one of the many exciting use cases of Candidate.ID, and I can’t wait to see the results.”  

Track candidate engagement with Candidate.ID 

Candidate.ID is transforming talent acquisition strategies across the globe with a solution like no other.  

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