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Why Employer Branding is the Key to Successful Recruitment Marketing

07.07.21 | Employer Branding

Today’s market is very much candidate driven.

With an increasing number of opportunities available for candidates, falling unemployment and let’s not forget the curse of Brexit; there seem to be all sorts of barriers in the way of companies trying desperately to fill roles.

But are these real reasons, or are they just excuses?

Candidates may claim that they’d never even contemplate leaving their current employer. They may proclaim their undying commitment to their role when you try to lure them into your business, but the truth is, they are probably lying.

The recent Wilson HCG 2018 – F500 Employer Branding Report revealed that an astounding 92% of employed professionals will consider other companies, if they have a strong reputation. If candidates are claiming their undying love for their employer, it’s probably because they don’t know anything about you – or worse, they do.

These days, good candidates know what they can get, they are not willing to undervalue themselves, as they know there are plenty of opportunities out there. They are no longer chasing the dollar (well, not entirely anyway), they want to work in a role with a company they like, a company who will help them progress their career and who have a positive culture.

The job of the recruiter is not just about selling the job to the candidates anymore – it’s about promoting the brand. A strong brand will help you to not only hire talented people into your organisation but to retain them, which ultimately makes life a lot easier for any business leaders.

What is your brand?

It may seem like an obvious question, but the meaning of employer branding can often cause a bit of confusion. Some businesses have absolutely no clue what their employer brand is, let alone how to achieve a strong brand.

In simple terms, your brand is how other people perceive you.

In today’s society, it is imperative that you get your branding right. Candidates won’t join if there are negative connotations surrounding your brand and if you do manage to hire good people, they won’t stick around.

Although there are obviously more in-depth processes to understanding your brand, you can get a good indication right now, by just looking around your office. How happy are your employees? Are they working hard, motivated, willing to go the extra mile or are they constantly complaining and reaching for the coat stand as soon as the clock strikes five? If it’s the latter, then your brand probably isn’t good, and your recruitment marketing may need some work.

The reason why it probably isn’t good is that people talk. If most of your employees are miserable, you really have a problem on your hands. Disgruntled employees will tell others about their experience and with websites like Glassdoor available for staff to leave reviews, there is nowhere to hide. According to a recent survey by Glassdoor, there are 32 million unique monthly users to its website and mobile applications. This shows the importance of having a positive brand, as candidates are checking!

Brand and Recruitment Marketing

It is important to ensure your recruitment marketing promotes a strong brand. Top ranking companies for employer branding, including Johnson and Johnson, pay close attention to their recruitment process. They have a career website, with plenty of information on the company and the benefits they offer. The website is content-rich, with videos and photos, and the websites are easy to navigate around and mobile friendly. IBM and JP Morgan are also strong brands with a clear strategy for recruitment, including a significant presence on job boards and social media and positive testimonials.

Changing your Brand

No matter what your current brand is like, you can always turn it around. Your brand can do a lot for improving your recruitment and retention rates; it is much easier to recruit when candidates are aware of your brand. In fact, 80% of business leaders believe that their brand has a strong impact on their recruitment efforts. Get your employer branding right and you’ll soon find that everything else becomes easier, not to mention more cost effective.

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