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Why is Pipeline Automation so Hot Right Now? Part 2

12.07.21 | Talent Pipeline Automation

As the market is becoming more and more competitive, now is a good time to be proactive. Failing to plan can be costly and waiting until you are in need of in-demand talent can mean paying more and lowering your standards.

We explained how pipeline automation saves recruiters time and money in part 1 of our blog. Did you know that it also gives you first access to the best talent?

Pipeline Automation Gives You First Access to Talent

To get first access to best talent, you have to engage early in your target candidate’s learning journey and offer something of value. Companies use HR technology to gain a competitive advantage in hiring. It enables them to engage candidates at scale and to provide recruiters with a pipeline of ‘ready now’ talent that are engaged with their brand. Using technology, recruiters are able to identify candidates who are truly engaged and their position in the talent pipeline. This ensures that the recruiters are only focused on the people they should be focusing on. This frees recruiters to do what the technology cannot do – have meaningful conversations with the candidates, sell the organisation and tell the story of why they should join your company. Pipeline automation software drives faster and better hiring. Here are some ways it helps recruitment teams in gaining first access to talent:

Focus on the Right Candidates

Recruiters can focus on the most engaged, best-quality candidates. Pipeline automation enables employers to identify those who are most engaged with their brand and identify who wants to work for them.

Make More Hires from Direct Sourcing

Pools of talent that are consuming your content translates into an active talent pipeline that is ‘always on’. Rather than relying on job boards, recruiters can go here first to prioritise ‘hire-ready’ candidates.

Develop Longer-Term Relationships with Candidates

Pipeline automation enables employers to stay connected with candidates they have identified suitable for their organisation. This then paves the path for automating the process of sharing relevant content with them.

Convert Candidates with the Right Message at the Right Time

By automating talent pipelines, employers are able to identify who is engaged and how they are engaging. This is critical for understanding first human contact with the employer brand.

Engage Hard-to-Reach, Passive Candidates

Pipeline automation enables employers to market their organisations rather than their jobs. This helps to target candidates who are much harder to find and engage.

Get Better at Hiring Diverse Candidates

Employers are under increasing pressure on attracting diverse candidates. Pipeline automation allows recruiters to run highly targeted and segmented candidate-engagement campaigns that are necessary to be successful in hiring diverse candidate groups.

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