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World-Leading Corporation Using Candidate.ID to Define Real Talent Pipelines

25.05.22 | News

Recently, Candidate.ID started working with a world-leading American multinational corporation. Partnering with an organisation of this calibre comes with its own unique set of challenges, objectives and outcomes. Keep reading to find out how our customer is using marketing automation to organise their talent pools into defined talent pipelines of qualified candidates.  

The Challenges  

Being such a reputable organisation, our customer has an immense talent pool of candidates for every role, sector and job title. However, obtaining this mass level of information presents its own set of obstacles. Our customer is facing challenges in organising their candidates into pipelines of in-demand talent. Without a defined pipeline, candidate data can be overwhelming and incomprehensible. Using Candidate.ID, our customer is transforming their entire talent acquisition model by defining their talent pool into talent pipelines of cold, warm and “hire-ready” candidates. Candidate.ID’s world-first marketing automation technology offers our customer the unique ability to track and score their candidates based on “engagement scores” so they know exactly who is engaged, or “hire-ready”. By clearly dividing ingoing and outgoing outreach, our customer is able to define which candidates are the right fit for each role. 

The Objectives 

Our customer is using Candidate.ID’s one-of-a-kind technology to recruit hundreds of positions across several EMEA countries. With a key focus on professionals within revenue operations, this customer plans to use the platform for several targeted campaigns with the aim of boosting presence in each region. These campaigns include information gathering, competitive analysis and targeted talent attraction. 

Stephen McGrath, Solutions Consultant-  

“What I find interesting about this campaign is the customer’s vast talent pool of candidates. With so many companies struggling to fill roles in today’s global workforce, multinational corporations are no exception.  

“It will be great to see what Candidate.ID can do for a corporation of this size, and how we can define their talent pool into in-demand talent pipelines, and accelerate their recruitment efforts.” 

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