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Candidate.ID, Marketing Automation by iCIMS. Learn more about HR Tech's Product of the Year! Save your seat

Marketing automation for pipelining, nurturing and recruiting…


Features That Will Transform Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Our award-winning software is the only product in recruitment which shows your recruiters which candidates are cold, warm and ‘hire-ready’ in real-time and which are the closest match to your job description.


Stop cold calling

Pipeline ‘ready now’ talent so recruiters only focus on the most engaged ‘hire ready’ candidates for faster and better hiring

Save time and money

Automate repetitive candidate engagement tasks and workflows to condense the entire recruitment process and cut 3rd party costs

First access to talent

Nurture at scale the talent you want and identify who wants to work for you in real-time to prioritise best fit candidates

Candidate Generation

Smart, fast, index-based candidate search of profile and behaviour to reduce time-to-shortlist; perform actions based on real-time triggers

Candidate Nurture

Automatic rules/filters based on specific behaviour to personalise nurture at scale; omni-channel – email, social, SMS ,messaging apps

Real-time Recruiter Intelligence

Uniquely identify ‘ready now’ talent delivered to Recruiters via real-time alerts and ATS dashboard

Prediction & Scoring

Uniquely filter based on behavioural, demographic and social lead scoring to identify ‘hire ready candidates’

Candidate Sourcing

Easily populate pipelines from your existing ATS, recruitment marketing and direct sourcing from social media, job boards, CV databases

Candidate Enrichment

Automatically enrich and maintain candidate data profiles with new contact information, social data, tracking, and content engagement

Email Marketing

Simple, smart, customisable email templates, combined with fine-tuned segmentation and Industry leading deliverability rates

Dynamic Segmentation

Automate smart, simple candidate segmentation and dynamically send tailored personalised content

Candidate Management

Multi-step candidate engagement workflows with customisable omni-channel campaigns, landing pages that are mobile optimised

Pipeline Management

Automate segmentation, workflows, alerts, and trigger recruiter activities to keep candidates moving seamlessly through hiring funnels

Social Engagement

Boost social reach and engagement with social posting of content, landing pages, video, form share

Recruitment Analytics

Measure and optimise the hiring impact of all your talent pipeline activity with end-to-end ROI reporting

Employee Referral

Easily submit referrals directly into a talent pipeline; manage and report on the effectiveness of referral programs and specific campaigns

Alumni Engagement

Capture “boomerang hires” with Alumni talent pipelines.

GDPR Compliance

Keep databases clean and up-to-date, manage consent, and prove candidate engagement to automate ongoing compliance

Deep ATS Integration

Native, automatic bi-directional sync or trigger-based push

Winners in Recruitment Innovation

Candidate.ID’s powerful talent pipeline software has enabled us to transform a previously dead (and expensive) ATS dataset for competitive software engineering roles into an active talent goldmine for immediate and future hires, that is also GDPR compliant. Using Candidate.ID, we have been able to reduce our cost per hire by 93% and time to hire by 50%.

Chris Barton

Vice President Client Services, Cielo Talent

Candidate.ID is a sophisticated recruiting tool. It’s powerful, and it will put your team at a competitive advantage for talent

Tim Sackett

President, HRU Technical Services

I haven’t seen anything in recruiting quite like Candidate.ID.

Gerry Crispin

Principal & Co-Founder, CareerXRoads

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This is our most comprehensive guide yet on talent pipeline automation – “the next big thing in talent acquisition”. It’s packed with more than 60 pages of important insights and contributions from leading pioneers within talent acquisition.

In 2019, pipeline automation has already become a core element of the talent attraction plan for those organisations looking to drive faster and better hiring, get first access to talent, measure and optimise recruiting investments, and save time and money.

Used Worldwide by Sophisticated Talent Acquisition Teams

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