How Marketers Can Make Money for Recruiters

by | 14.04.21 | Recruitment Marketing | 0 comments

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Our CEO and Co-Founder, Adam Gordon, had an in-depth chat with Lisa Jones from the Recruitment Leaders Podcast about how marketing technology can be used to revolutionise modern-day recruitment.

Recruiters are experiencing ever-decreasing ROI from cold-calling candidates. They are in dire need of a robust technology that allows them to focus on candidates that are more likely to have a conversation about a vacancy. Candidate.ID, the world’s first talent pipeline software, does just that.

What they talked about:

  • How you can tell when a candidate is actually looking for a job
  • How to generate a list of warm calls
  • Lead scoring (for both candidates and clients) and how this can be automated to help recruiters generate sales qualified leads!
  • How many different sources of information a candidate will look at before applying for a job
  • What marketing needs to do to get trust from sales
  • How to get recruiters to pick up the phone and make more sales calls (and call more candidates)

Give this podcast a listen as Adam explains how important it is to monitor candidate behaviour in this data-rich age and capture meaningful digital interactions, as they happen. Such metrics can help recruiters generate lists of warm, conversation-ready candidates.

If you’re ready to start, Request a demo from Candidate.ID today to find out more.


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