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Bupa Dental Using Candidate.ID to Nurture Pipelines of In-Demand Talent

22.03.22 | News

About Bupa Dental

With 350 practices nationwide, Bupa Dental provides care to over two million patients across the UK. From orthodontics and dental implants to teeth whitening, Bupa Dental’s network of 2,500+ dental professionals offer high quality dental care for all.

Why is Bupa Dental using Candidate.ID?

With dentistry being a highly specialised profession, it is only inevitable that Bupa Dental has had to overcome obstacles in their talent acquisition strategy. Bupa Dental is using Candidate.ID to nurture talented pipelines of dentists, dental nurses, practice managers and head office roles throughout their careers. Candidate.ID offers Bupa Dental the ability to track candidate engagement at scale, and discover which candidates are cold, warm and “hire ready” in real-time. Recruiting for highly specialised roles is a common issue for talent acquisition leaders across the globe. However, marketing automation helps to alleviate these obstacles by creating engaged talent pipelines of nurtured candidates at each stage in the recruitment journey. 

The Objectives

With the aim of growing their talent pool through various organic means, Bupa Dental plans to use Candidate.ID to promote itheir events strategy for all in-person events. accompanied by quarterly email communications to those in the early stages of their career such as university students. Additionally, a main objective of Bupa Dental is to build an engaged talent pipeline of dentists and dental nurses through a monthly nurture campaign. This campaign plans to attract candidates to Bupa Dental and increase hiring across the business. 

  • Improve the Bupa Dental brand perception amongst dentists and dental nurses. 
  • Reduce cost to the business for hard to fill roles and locations.
  • Build active talent pipelines of dentists, dental nurses and practice managers. 

Priya Wilson, Customer Success Manager- 

“I am thoroughly enjoying working with Bupa Dental, striving to get them the best results possible using marketing automation. I can’t wait to see the results of our next campaign, and am looking forward to what this next year holds for Bupa Dental. 

“Using Candidate.ID, Bupa Dental are on track to exceed their record for hiring in 2021.”  

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