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Stephen’s Success Story – A Collaborative Campaign with Candidate.ID

18.03.22 | News

Recently Candidate.ID started working with one of the UK’s top restaurant chains with the aim of transforming their talent acquisition strategy through marketing automation. Our Customer Success Manager, Stephen, fills us in on the campaign and shares his personal success story. 

Stephen McGrath, Customer Success Manager-

“My recent customer success highlight is an easy one to write about. Only 6 weeks ago, I got a call from our CEO, Adam, to let me know that Candidate.ID had just taken on a high profile customer in the restaurant industry and I would be the Customer Success Manager working on the project. As you can imagine, I was very pleased. 

“We got the ball rolling really quickly, setting up calls and getting started on setting our objectives and targets within the first week. With the help of their recruitment and employer brand team, we came up with a robust plan for how we were going to make this happen. 

“We got through security questionnaires, technical setup guides, platform training, an on-site visit in London and a campaign set up. And, with the help of our excellent Candidate.ID Tech and Design team, everything was on brand, on point and ready to go. 

“In terms of my personal success, my biggest takeaway from the campaign is about collaboration. Having commitment from the whole team made everything so easy. When everyone on both sides of the team is communicating and working together to get the project up and ready to go, the process is so efficient. 

“I said to the customer on our very first call, ‘if you are ready – then we are ready’ and I stand by that with any customer that joins Candidate.ID. We can make things happen as quickly as your processes will allow.”

The campaign went live this week and is already proving to be highly successful with 38% of applicants moving to the next stage of hiring. To find out how you can transform your talent acquisition strategy with marketing automation, book a demo now.

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