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Executive Network Group supercharging their lead generation with Candidate.ID

14.07.21 | News

Executive Network Group (ENG) is the driving force behind five specialist recruitment brands, all powered by industry-leading talent insights engine: the ENG 3D Ecosystem. They are:

– Network HR
– Procurement People
– HSE Recruitment Network
– FMC Network
– Technical Network

With a target of 25 new business deals this year, and a total value of £300,000, ENG would like to supercharge their business-to-business lead generation activity.

They work specifically in the UK and have identified their target sectors, decision-makers and ideal company size.

ENG can achieve their objectives in 2021 by using Candidate.ID to generate new leads amongst the agreed ideal target company profile and buyer job titles. They will:

– Build out their existing base
– Create a content plan utilising existing materials
– Develop and build automated campaigns to go to their target audience using the Candidate.ID platform.

Using Candidate.ID for these lead generation campaigns will allow ENG to personalise each communication, depending on individuals preferences. Monitoring and scoring each person’s journey around their landing pages, website and social media will allow them to build campaigns that give recipients exactly what they want. If someone ignores their email but opens a text message 48 hours later, future communication may go through text message.

ENG will create the rules. Candidate.ID does the rest. The result? Super personalised lead nurture at scale meaning more meaningfully active prospects identified and more marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) to follow-up with.

If you’d like to hear more about how Candidate.ID can support you with lead generation activities, book a demo.

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