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Healios Turn 6170 Candidates into a Defined Pipeline of Top Talent  

15.09.22 | News

Healios, an online mental health provider, has embraced Candidate.ID in recruiting top talent across its organisation. As the world’s first marketing automation technology for talent acquisition, Candidate.ID is enthusiastic to be working with an organisation as forward-thinking as Healios.  

Keep reading to find out about our customer and how it’s using Candidate.ID to transform its talent acquisition strategy, recruiting in-demand healthcare talent.  

About Healios  

Healios is an online mental health, autism and ADHD service provider for children, young people and families. Tackling global inequalities in healthcare provisions, Healios makes mental health, autism and ADHD support accessible to those who need it. Working remotely prior to the pandemic, Healios is a forward-thinking organisation priding itself on its innovation within the mental health space. 

How can marketing automation help?  

With a move to a new Applicant Tracking System, Healios had a pre-existing database of candidates. Healios implemented marketing automation technology to drive candidate awareness and refresh its talent pool prior to the data migration. Using Candidate.ID, Healios ran two separate campaigns, one targeted towards tech and product candidates and the other targeting professionals within the clinical healthcare sector. The two campaigns were set out to re-engage candidates, educating them on the Healios brand and offering the opportunity to update their details. These campaigns were especially unique in that Healios’ company values were a key focus, highlighting its caring ethos and innovative culture.  

The results of marketing automation  

With an average open rate of 66%, Healios’ two campaigns proved to be highly successful. Healios’ clinical campaign was sent to 6170 candidates. From those who filled out the form, 35% indicated that they were “hire-ready”. The tech and product campaign was sent to 2000 candidates. Of the candidates who filled in the form, 50% indicated that they were “hire-ready”. These results show the power of marketing automation technology. Using Candidate.ID, Healios has the ability to create defined pipelines of in-demand talent. Knowing behind the scenes which candidates are engaged, or “hire-ready” is gold dust candidate information to recruitment teams like Healios’.  

Priya Wilson, Customer Success Manager-  

“This has been a really fun campaign to work on. Healios is such an innovative organisation so we really tried to work together to get those values across.  

“With marketing automation, Healios has been able to build an engaged pipeline of top talent and drive hiring activities. You really can’t underestimate the importance of re-engaging existing talent pools.” 

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