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How Bupa Dental Turned 2776 Dentists into a Pipeline of “Hire-Ready” Talent   

15.07.22 | News

Recently, Candidate.ID started working with Bupa Dental to transform its talent acquisition strategy. Candidate.ID is the world’s first marketing automation technology for talent acquisition, offering the unique ability to track candidate engagement across your entire company digital footprint. With 3.8 sextillion marketing workflows, Candidate.ID is the only talent acquisition technology that will automate your messaging, personalised and at scale.  

Keep reading to find out how Bupa Dental used Candidate.ID to turn 57% of 2776 dentists into a “hire ready” talent pipeline.  

About Bupa Dental  

With a team of over 2,500 dental professionals, Bupa Dental provides care to over two million patients across the UK. From orthodontics and dental implants to teeth whitening, Bupa Dental offers private and NHS treatments, priding themselves on providing dental care for all.  

Why is Bupa Dental Using Candidate.ID?  

As dentistry is a highly specialised profession, finding and recruiting top dental talent is becoming increasingly difficult. Bupa Dental is using Candidate.ID to overcome obstacles in its talent acquisition strategy for hard-to-fill dental roles.  

With a large pool of dental talent, Bupa Dental has no way of knowing which candidates are looking for a role or are interested in Bupa Dental as a place to work. This is where Candidate.ID comes in. Using what we call a “wake the dead” campaign, Bupa Dental is utilising Candidate.ID to send a series of personalised communications to its audience in order to re-engage its database, and gain insight into which candidates are cold, warm and “hire-ready”. 

This campaign will allow Bupa Dental to hyper target best-fit candidates, thus cutting down on time to hire and increasing the number of hires per recruiter. With Candidate.ID, there’s no need to spend valuable human time cold-calling candidates to find out who’s interested in a role – Candidate.ID does it for you.  

Key Objectives 

  • Increase engagement of Bupa Dental’s database of dentists with a personalised nurture campaign.  
  • Create a defined pipeline of cold, warm and “hire-ready” talent.  
  • Cut down on time to hire for hard-to-fill roles. 

The Results  

Starting with a talent pool of 2776 dentists, Bupa Dental used Candidate.ID to nurture candidates throughout the recruitment journey. With open rates as high as 82% and an average open rate of 77%, it is evident that the content Bupa Dental’s candidates received was of real relevance to them. 

Candidate.ID’s world-first marketing automation technology for Talent Acquisition offers true personalisation at scale, and Bupa Dental is a clear indicator of that with 57% of candidates identified as “hire-ready” by the end of the campaign.  

  • Talent pool- 2776 candidates 
  • Average open rate- 77% 
  • “Hire-ready” candidates- 57% 

Using Candidate.ID, Bupa Dental turned its significant talent pool of 2776 candidates into a defined pipeline of in-demand dental talent.  

Book a demo now to find out how you can increase engagement of your current database, cut down on time to hire and double the number of hires per recruiter using Candidate.ID.  

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