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How To Create Talent Communities in Recruitment

25.06.21 | Talent Acquisition

The advancements in modern technology have made it easier than ever before to connect with candidates. Candidates are also now able to self-educate and self-direct themselves towards their next career opportunity. Finding talent online is now not the problem and the game has moved on to a fight for the candidate’s attention. Creating a talent community through a live recruitment webinar, is one talent generation strategy which helps to increase awareness and to educate candidates about employment opportunities.

Live recruitment webinars are a fantastic way for candidates to get a feel and understanding of a potential employer. Technology allows companies to attract, increase and measure the effectiveness of their recruitment webinars. In a candidate-driven market, candidates are less likely to be looking for jobs, and are therefore less likely to be searching your career website or looking at job boards. Companies need to be innovative and try different recruitment channels to engage the right candidates.

What is a Live Recruitment Webinar and what does it look like?

You can see a live recruitment webinar as a company “pitch” to a targeted audience of candidates. Why should a candidate be interested in applying to your company? Here is your chance to show them exactly why. The webinar can involve the hiring manager introducing the company, the open role(s) and a small interview with an employee currently performing the job.

Someone from Talent Acquisition can explain the recruitment process, how onboarding is done and the benefits of joining the company. Talent Acquisition also plays a key role in attracting the right quality of candidates to the event through an effective sourcing plan. Make sure to leave enough time for a Q&A session at the end of the webinar. If done well, you are left with a pipeline of interested and suitable candidates for your company.

As an organisation, you should always be communicating and informing your talent communities about employment opportunities and updating them with relevant content. Live recruitment webinars will help to generate interest in your organisation as well as being a fantastic way to engage with a candidate community. If the world’s leading employment brands are constantly using live recruitment webinars to attract and engage talent, the need for less established companies to follow suit is even more essential.

Talent Communities as a Competitive Advantage

A challenge that we face now is firstly, how to capture and keep the candidate’s attention and secondly, to know when candidates are really ready for a new challenge. As recruiters, would our lives be easier, if we not only had a pipeline of candidates, but also knew which of those candidates are hot (ready for a move) or not? I think we all know the answer.

Companies that are able to create talent communities, through innovation and testing different channels, and then help candidates on their journey from unaware prospect to an applicant, and are able to have conversations with “hot” and relevant candidates, will have a clear competitive advantage in 2018.

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