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Making Your Hiring Managers Talent Magnets

07.07.21 | Talent Acquisition

Hiring managers should be at the centre of any recruitment strategy. They know their company, industry and most importantly, their teams inside out. They are the best people to share their knowledge, to interact and build relationships with potential new hires.

Use hiring managers online profiles and social media accounts to build on your employer brand. They should be sharing content relevant to your company, and industry as a whole through different types of media (videos, infographics, blogs etc). By linking their social media accounts such as Instagram and YouTube to the company page, and sharing case studies, interviews with current employees and stories of career development, will all help to create the bigger picture of the culture and benefits of working with your organisation.

Below are a few ‘must do’s’ when creating the perfect LinkedIn profile:

  • Include a (professional) photo – it will be 14 times more likely to be viewed if you do…
  • Include a background image which will help to stand out against your competitors, and get some of your key company messages/values across and strengthen your brand
  • Ensure your headline includes an accurate description of what you do and relevant keywords so you appear in searches
  • Add in your contact details so you are easy to get in touch with
  • Fill your profile with relevant and interesting content about your company and the industry you are in
  • Include some personal interests in your profile/content which may act as an ice breaker in that first conversation
  • Finally, make sure your profile has some personality and is written in your own style

Once your profile is set up, you are ready to start identifying candidates to engage with. Recruitment processes have evolved and businesses need to identify passive candidates online before beginning the process of nurturing them. Detailed searches can be conducted on Google and LinkedIn using Boolean techniques to bring up the most relevant people for your vacancies. This combined with searching on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ as well as specialist websites for specific industries (e.g. Stack Overflow and GitHub) will help to identify your Total Addressable Market matched against your current vacancy.

When the right people have been found, the nurturing can begin. The first step is to create a communications plan and some initial considerations are:

a) what do you want to say to them

b) how often will you communicate with them

c) who in your business will be the figurehead of the campaigns (the hiring manager most often)

d) how are you going to follow-up with those who respond/show an interest in your messages. All messages should be short, straight to the point and relevant to the audience. Taking a personalised approach will always give you greater successes and conversations are more likely to start. Once that relationship has been established, it is then that you would introduce the vacancy and why those contacted would be relevant based on their skills and experience.

As a side note, these messages are most effective if you send them in the morning in the middle of the week. They are least likely to be given full attention if you send them at the weekends, or on a Monday or Friday afternoon.

Most importantly – keep on top of the whole recruitment process. Monitor those who are connecting, ensure they are receiving responses and great content, and keep those conversations happening in a timely manner. Quality talent will not wait around for a slow reacting hiring manager!

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