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Talent Lead Conversion

09.07.21 | Recruitment Marketing

In this webinar, Scot McRae was joined by Mees van Velzen, CEO and Founder of MrWork.

MrWork’s recruitment marketing technology brings your employer brand and vacancies to all relevant candidates at the perfect time.

Mees has a very interesting background. He worked for Nintendo in Germany as a freelance translator and game tester and was a world champion Mario Cart player for a short time. He hated the process of recruitment, going through the application, interview, etc, which essentially inspired him to start MrWork.

During the session, they take a look at:

  • What they think are the most important things employers are doing or not doing today
  • Funnels, conversion, and why the application is over-emphasised
  • Content, channels and what employers should be thinking about

They round off by touching on the recent crisis and how you continue to market yourself and keep your pipelines active without coming across as being self-serving. Applications are going down as people want to remain safely where they are. However, campaign reach is around 50% higher during the pandemic as people are more online. Mees suggests that we should acknowledge the situation we are in but do not use it as a way of hiring more people.

Watch the full replay below.

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