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Turning 422 Law Professionals into a “Hire-Ready” Talent Pipeline

12.08.22 | News

As the world’s first marketing automation technology for talent acquisition, Candidate.ID is helping recruiters across the globe cut down on time to hire and increase the number of hires per recruiter. Candidate.ID has been working with a leading UK university to drive hiring activity within the Faculty of Business and Law.  

Keep reading to find out how our customer used Candidate.ID to transform its talent acquisition strategy, turning 422 law professionals into a “hire-ready” talent pipeline.  

About the university 

This university has one ambition – to give anyone, anywhere the power to learn. Founded over 50 years ago, the university delivers first-class teaching and support to students across the UK and the world. Having helped over 2 million students realise their ambitions, this university makes learning accessible to all.  

The campaign  

In recent years, the university has made it a key priority to drive diversity hiring across all university disciplines. In doing this, it has embraced a shift in its entire talent acquisition model, moving from traditional methods of recruitment to progressive means of engaging and communicating with candidates. This includes its use of Candidate.ID. In its most recent campaign, the university used Candidate.ID to run a series of communications targeted towards professionals within the law and business sector with experience in teaching or lecturing.  

Creating an engaged talent pipeline

Using Candidate.ID’s campaign builder, a personalised nurture campaign was set up to send to 422 candidates. The campaign was set out with the aim of re-engaging relevant candidates and educating them on opportunities within the faculty. Nurturing existing candidates as opposed to spending valuable human time searching for new talent is not only a time efficient strategy but it allowed our customer to reattract candidates who already had an interest in the university’s employer brand. The campaign created a warm talent pipeline of engaged candidates ready for a hiring conversation.  

The results of recruitment automation  

With an average open rate of 77% it is evident that candidates engaged in the content they were receiving. Candidate.ID’s campaign builder offers billions of marketing workflows enabling the university to truly nurture its pipeline of law and business professionals, at scale.  

  • 60% of law candidates applied for a role. 
  • 54% of applicants were shortlisted.  
  • 8 recruits for hard-to-fill roles.

With a shortlist rate of 54%, Candidate.ID created talent in both quality and quantity. The university used Candidate.ID to cut down on time to hire recruiting in-demand talent whilst increasing the number of hires per recruiter and engaging a database of industry professionals. 

Ryan McFeeley, Customer Success Manager-  

“Working with the university on its campaign within the Business and Law Faculty has been a really rewarding experience. The results have been incredible, proving the true benefit of adding marketing automation to your talent acquisition strategy.” 

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