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Using Candidate.ID to Turn an Extensive Talent Pool into 135 Hot Leads 

08.09.22 | News

Recently, Candidate.ID started working with a leading RPO Provider to turn its vast talent pool of cold candidates into a pipeline of “hire-ready” leads. Candidate.ID is the world’s first marketing automation technology for talent acquisition, here to solve the industry’s recruitment obstacles.

Keep reading to find out how our customer used Candidate.ID to transform its talent acquisition strategy.  

Leading RPO provider

Founded over fifty years ago, our customer has a long-trusted history in recruiting across the healthcare, engineering and IT sectors. From its inception to today, a lot has changed about the way it operates. Today, our customer uses disruptive technologies taking an innovative approach to recruiting top talent.  

How can marketing automation help?  

Working across a number of industries, our customer hit the ground running on its first campaign with Candidate.ID focusing on roles within the mental health space. With an extensive database of psychologists, therapists and counsellors, it was unsure of how to maximise this data and use it to find qualified candidates. This is where Candidate.ID came in. Candidate.ID offers the ability to segment, nurture and engage a large talent pool. As the world’s first marketing automation technology for TA, Candidate.ID offers true personalisation at scale.  

Talent acquisition objectives

  • Increase the number of hiring conversations for roles within the mental health space.  
  • Improve awareness of psychologist, therapist and counselling roles, driving candidates to a specific landing page.   
  • Create an engaged pipeline of “hire-ready” talent.

The results of recruitment marketing automation

Using Candidate.ID, our customer created an engaged pipeline of talent, with an average open rate of 55%. The campaign led to a combined total of 2,400 landing page visits and ultimately 135 calls booked in with a recruiter. By nurturing candidates throughout the recruitment journey, a leading RPO Provider used Candidate.ID to create 135 hot leads – a talent pipeline of candidates engaged in its employer brand and ready for a hiring conversation.  

  • 55% average open rate.  
  • 2,400 landing page visits.  
  • 135 calls booked with a recruiter. 

Our customer used Candidate.ID to transform its TA strategy within the mental health space, creating an engaged pipeline of psychologists, therapists and counsellors.  

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